These are songs that we've played or are working on playing well.  The LIST column describes how much we play the song.  A is something we can play well at the drop of a hat. A minus means we're working on it getting on the A list.  B means we've played it at least once, but it'd need a good amount of rehearsal to get great.  S means it's a seasonal piece, so we will play it when appropriate.  C means we tried it out and it would take a long time to get great.
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Song TitleKeyMelody Starting NoteTempoRhythmMusic URLLIST
Song TitleKeyMelody Starting NoteTempoRhythmMusic URLLIST
Adana C D E F G Ab B    
African Marketplace / Homecoming 100 4/4 samba reggae  
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around Bb 115   
Alo Day D Dorian 83   
Arab Dance c d eb f g ab b 110/170 oompa  
Bella Ciao Gm 115 4/4  
Down by the Riverside Bb 120 or 160 4/4  
Freedom Land (Limbo Jazz) Ab Eb 159   
Grazing in the Grass 80 straight 16th note triangle  
Hurricane Season Gm 80 rock-like 4/4 Hurricane Season 
Iko Iko Eb C>Bb 190 see link -> Dixie Cups-Iko Iko 
I'll Fly Away 107 samba w clave  
Second Line Bb (F intro) Bb 160 4/4  
St. James Infirmary G minor (Bb) 74 or 118 4/4  
St. Thomas Bb 110  Sonny Rollins-St Thomas 
Sweet Dreams Gm Bb    
Tequila Bb (F mixolydian) C>F (lead), F>Eb (background) 147 4/4  
This Little Light of Mine 180 in fast 4/4 4/4 This little light of mine 
This Train is Bound for Glory Bb Bb 95 in 2 (190 in fast 4) 2/2 This Train 
Tusk Dm 83 4/4  
Wade in the Water Gm 60   
When the Saints Go Marching In Bb Bb 100 then 180 4/4  
You Move Ya Lose Ab 183 4/4  
Bourbon Street Ab 174 New Orleans  A minus 
Caravan Ab 111 in 2 spy rhythm Caravan- Fanfare Ciocarlia A minus 
Chameleon Bbm G(bass) Bb(melody) 96 funky Herbie Hancock-Chameleon A minus 
Do It  3/4  A minus 
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho Dm    A minus 
Korobushka Dm 120 oompa doubletime  A minus 
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Bb 87 4/4  A minus 
Rivers of Babylon 104 4/4 calypso Rivers of Babylon-Melodians A minus 
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Eb Eb    A minus 
Thousand Island Eb Eb(bass) Bb>C>Db(melody) 117  Second Line- Thousand Island A minus 
Watermelon Man Eb    A minus 
When I Lay My Burdens Down Bb F>G>Bb   Toneway-When I Lay My Burdens Down A minus 
Yo No Se 195 Samba w clave  A minus 
You Are My Sunshine Bb    A minus 
All You Need Is Love 109 samba reggae All You need is love 
Ana Lugojana 118 oompa  
Cissy Strut Ab 75  Dirty Dozen BB- Cissy Strut 
Corrina Corrina Bb 123 New Orleans  
Good Dawg Ska 127 Ska 4/4  
I Feel Like Funkin It Up Ab Eb 116 4/4  
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 200 in 4/4, 100 in 2/2 4/4 samba reggae Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 
Sunny Side of the Street (E D) > C 125 4/4 swing Sunny Side of the Street 
Sunny Side Up 122 March  
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder Ab Ab 118 March  
Sonya  4/4  
Zandile Jive  4/4  
Addams Family Theme Bb 99 4/4  
Anchors Aweigh 102 = half note 4/4 samba reggae  
Battle Hymn of the Republic 95 4/4 samba reggae  
Chicken Dance 110 but starts slow & speeds up 2/4 Chicken Dance-Youtube 
Cielito Lindo 180 3/4  
De Colores 172 3/4   
Drunken Sailor Am 80 in 2 (160 in fast 4) 2/2 Drunken Sailor 
Firework Ab 102 4/4 Pop  
Get Up, Stand Up 106 Reggae  
Graveyard Blues Eb>E>G 80  Jazz Pirates-Graveyard Blues 
Marine's Hymn 112 4/4 samba reggae  
Oh My Darling Clementine Bb Bb    
Sir Duke C(Intro) E(melody) 96   
This Land Is Your Land 114 4/4 samba reggae  
Thriller Ab 102 4/4 Thriller-Youtube 
We Are Family 104 4/4 Disco  
Yankee Doodle Boy 100 4/4 samba reggae  
Y.M.C.A. 136 4/4 Disco  
You're A Grand Old Flag 110 4/4 samba reggae  
Zombie Jamboree 109 4/4 calypso Zombie Jamboree-Kingston Trio 
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